Below you will find a list of our Sunday morning schedule and weekly events calendar. 

sunday 10/18

10am contemporary service

10am kids' church

tuesday 10/20

6:30pm spirit & truth prayer ministry

saturday 10/24


sunday 10/25

10am contemporary service

10am kids' church

tuesday 10/27


6:30pm spirit & truth prayer ministry



Did you miss last week's sermon? Are you going to be out of town on a Sunday? Do you just want to hear again that illustration that resonated with you? You can hear that sermon again! Go to https://sermons.faithlife.com/profile/rccinhisgrip-rossville-christian-church/.

RCC recycles! In the kitchen, the trash can under the counter next to the sink is for recycling only. A recycling bin is also next to the copier in the office. Items like larger boxes may go into the blue-lidded tote out back. Materials do not need to be sorted and a sign on the kitchen counter explains what may and may not go into the can. NOTE: Please rinse/wash out the items you put in the bins. Cardboard boxes must be free of grease and food residue -- therefore no pizza boxes. Styrofoam coffee cups cannot be recycled either.

kitchen notes


If you borrow anything from the church (coolers, coffee makers, tables, chairs, etc.) please return them in a timely manner. Thank you!

ministry teams


We now have three ministry teams up and running and they have a place for you! If you'd like to get involved, talk to the point person for the team.

House of Worship Committee -- Dusty Porter, 640-3097

Castlight 5:16 -- Nick Manning, 259-0752

Worship Through Beautification -- Abbie Jones 571-3037 



Just a few of the events coming up in the near future! Make sure you get them on your calendar!

missed the sermon?

Did you miss last week's sermon? Are you going to be out of town on a Sunday? Want to hear it again? Go to  https://sermons.faithlife.com/profile/rccinhisgrip-rossville-christian-church/ to hear that sermon again. Watch live or previous services online at https://www.rccinhisgrip.com/livestream/.

kid's church/nursery NEED HELP

Kid's Church and the nursery are great ministries for RCC! We'd love to have more volunteers enjoying and making an impact on the children of our community. To learn how you can be a part of these vital ministries contact Abbie Jones.

funeral luncheon volunteers

We don't do funeral luncheons often, but when we do, the ministry is a very much appreciated service. We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for funerals and luncheons. Take a look at the list on the bulletin board to see how you can help!

new text prayer chain


Are you willing to be available to pray for urgent needs and emergencies? Would you prefer to receive these requests by phone or could we simply text them to your cell phone? We are updating our Phone Prayer Chain and beginning a new Text Prayer List. Choose whichever system is is easiest for you and sign up on the bulletin board. Members of the Phone Chain receive a call and then call ahead to the next available person on the list. Texters will not need to relay the message. You can join the Texting Pray-ers at any time by contacting Marti at 785.584.6351 or office@rccinhisgrip.com.

blessing bags now available

Now there's an easy way to bless someone in need: BLESSING BAGS with socks, water, cheese cracker snacks, a fruit cup, toothbrush with paste, and deodorant. Keep them handy in your car and you can be a blessing to someone today! There are blue bins in the fellowship hall to donate socks, fruit cups, cheese crackers, and travel-sized deodorant and toothbrush/toothpaste. Thank you!

women's encounter

Women's Encounter can be described as a weekend where women encounter Christ in ways that are perhaps new or long-since felt. Through teaching, testimonies, and worship we'll dive deep into what it means to be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. You'll learn more about yourself, the body of believers around you, and most importantly, the God who created you. Get to know the sisters you have in the Lord and the community that awaits you. Whether your relationship is new or old, this weekend will be a blessing. For more information visit http://encounterthecross.com/women/ or ask Coy Hoffman 785 . 817 . 2497. 

coffee and cookie hosts needed

We need coffee and cookie fellowship hosts! If you are willing to provide treats for our fellowship time, please contact Jan Dodge at 584.6259. Thanks!

freezer casseroles needed

We like to have casseroles on hand so that we can lend a hand when folks are just out of the hospital or have other crises going on. Can you help? Please be sure to clearly label it with all the ingredients and instructions for reheating.

A/V help needed

If you would be willing to help with the soundboard and/or slides that are shown on the projector, please contact Caleb or the church office.

women's ministry


Women's ministry will meet on Monday, November 2, at 6pm. Supper will be provided.

food pantry news


Going to the store? Pick up some extra items while you are there! The RCC Women's Ministry is partnering with the food pantry at Rossville United Methodist Church. If you have questions, contact Cathy Cooper at 785-256-6235 or cathy_cooper5@yahoo.com or Abbie Jones at 785-571-3037 or abbiewill.00@gmail.com.

prayer requests


If you have turned in a prayer request in the last couple months, even if the person's condition has not changed, please send Marti an update so she'll know that you want that person kept on the prayer list. 


If you can be available to pray for urgent and emergency needs, please sign up on the bulletin board for the Prayer Chain.

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