Small Groups



We believe very strongly that being a Christian is much more than what we do on Sunday morning. It is because of this belief that we feel just as strong in our Small Group system.


Small Groups are designed and set up to allow the members of RCC and visitors of RCC be discipled (learn) and do life together. In the book of Acts we learn that the early church would meet in one another's home during the week and would study the scriptures together. It is because of this that we do the same thing.


RCC is committed to Small Groups! While our church continues to grow, we never want people to feel like they are just part of one massive group. Small Groups allow anyone interested to be a part of the church body in a smaller groups setting. Each week there will be a 20 minute video lesson by a dynamic speaker followed by challenging and thought-provoking questions. The questions allow for people to share with one another about life.


Whether you are a talker, listener, or just plain like good snacks, Small Groups are for you. I challenge to talk to join one! God can't grow us if we are not willing to be watered.

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