SUNDAY WORSHIP        10:00 AM

Our worship services are designed around a contemporary format. A praise team leads the music which is accompanied by electronic instruments. Communion is offered at each service every Sunday morning.


The sermons are all Bible-based with the purpose of encouraging people to develop a closer relationship with our Lord as well as challenging them to move beyond the pew.


A nursery is provided each Sunday for ages infant through three years.


During the service we provide "Kids Church" for the whole hour. It is a church service designed for kids. It will allow your kids to participate in music, learning, and a ton of fun while you are digging into the word yourself in the main church service. This is for ages four years through 4th grade.


Fellowship time is held after the service every Sunday. This gives the congregation an opportunity to visit with one another.


Believing that the only way to eternal life is through Jesus Christ, this congregation has always emphasized Bible study. What better way to know Jesus than to meet Him in the book written about Him.


Our mission statement here at Rossville Christian Church is, "To make more and better disciples of Jesus for the glory of God." This is what our logo is designed to communicate. 

The first symbol is a multiplication sign. In making more disciples, we desire to do this through multiplication, not just addition.

The second symbol is an arrow pointing in an upward direction. This ties to the "better" portion of our mission statement. We desire that believers continue to grow and improve in their Christian walk to look more and more like Jesus.

The third symbol is a familiar one, it is that of the fish. In the early years of Christianity, they used this symbol to identify themselves. They used the Greek word for "fish" (ἰχθύς pronounced "ichthus") as an acronym for, Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior. This symbol ties to the "disciples" portion of our mission statement.

Finally, the cross. This ties to the "Jesus for the glory of God" portion of our mission statement for obvious reasons related to Jesus's death on the cross. Further, many times in the gospel of John, Jesus refers to himself being glorified (or lifted up) as a way to point to his crucifixion. 

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