RCC Youth Ministry

Student Ministries for the 6th - 12th Grades 


The goal of RCC Youth ministry (to put it in a fancy way) is to cultivate a Christian worldview ethic spiritual formation in the students God gives me through encountering the living Jesus with spiritual pathways and disciples that leads to salvation and continual sanctification. Basically what this means is that it is my goal to get students to think like and encounter Jesus in their lives. This will be achieved by encouraging and challenging the students to study the Scriptures for themselves, in conjunction with the lesson series, and making applications to what is studied. They will also be challenged to pray for their lost friends along with showing them the love of Christ by encouraging them and serving them. These things will also be shown how to properly be lived out by the example that the adult leaders set.


Currently because of COVID, we are not holding youth groups. We will resume meeting once the USD 321 moves into the "Green." Feel free to reach out if you need anything youth related (or otherwise) though!

For any questions please call Caleb Falk 785-584-6351 ext. 3 or email at caleb@rccinhisgrip.com


For more information on Caleb or to send prayer requests, click here!

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